Indy Film Fest - Curated by Filmmaker Jordy Brazo
The Containers at Second Street and Broadway
Chelsea, MA 02150

   This years film fest will feature a wide range of short films and video art created by local artists and directors. Films by Yanka Petri, Caroline Castro, Keaton Fox and Shaun Clarke explore, exploit and expand the way we think about language. Whether spoken, written or shown through symbols, the ways we understand language shapes not only our own experiences, but also how we share them.In this age of emoji, how much is a picture worth?

Here are some highlights from Shaun Clarke titled “Dark Night Cold Ground"
   A short dance film set to the recording of “Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground,” composed and recorded by Blind Willie Johnson in 1927. Directed by Shaun Clarke. Choreography by Thang Dao. Performed by Marcus Willis.

“Virtually Anti-Reality Glasses” by Keaton Fox
     Keaton Fox is a Boston Area based, multi-disciplinary artist whose work distorts and reflects the varied realities of the information age. With child-like curiosity, Fox creates tangible experiments that expose the absurdity and imperfects of the digital world in which technology distorts the perceptual effects of memories, communication systems and identities. She has exhibited nationally, internationally, physically and digitially.