Chelsea photographer Arnold Jarmak grew up in Marblehead and is a graduate of Lehigh University where he received a BA in Finance. Coming to Chelsea in 1977, Jarmak was hired by the late Andrew P. Quigley, owner of the Chelsea Record, as the newspaper’s chief photographer. For more than a decade from the late 1970’s into the late 1980’s, Jarmak shot approximately 20,000 black and white exposures in Chelsea, covering every conceivable subject having to do with the people, the life and the times of this city during one of its seminal periods. This small selection of his work being displayed is representative of the much broader body of it. Jarmak is now bringing to life negatives that have been stored for longer than 30 years. He is also working on a screenplay with former Chelsea Record editor Josh Resnek. Arnie Jarmak can be reached by e-mail at