Katarina Yakimkina


About me. I am an Artist, Graphic Designer and Illustrator from Astrakhan, Russia who currently resides in Boston, MA. I first started to draw when I was eight. At the age of ten I went to study visual arts, sculpture, and painting at the Astrakhan School of Arts. After graduating from the School of Arts, I enrolled at the College of Arts by P.A. Vlasov in Environmental and Graphic Design Program from where I successfully graduated four years later. About my works. I look at the world through a prism of different cultures. Every culture is so rich and unique, and speaks through its people, traditions and spirits. I want my works to make people see more than beauty and to feel more than curiosity. I want to encourage my viewer to experience the full range of emotions and to become a part of that place for a moment of their life. ` Each of my paintings and portraits is the ultimate story written in color and texture, powerful and intense, sometimes with a bittersweet end