Nastasia Lawton-Sticklor



There's something mesmerizing about composing a shot. It slows us down, forces us to view our subjects through the tunnel of a viewfinder, and builds a relationship with what we see. And, just as in any relationship, there is elation - perfect crisp focus, a split-second captured, or captivating beauty; and heartbreak - an overexposure, a fuzzy blur, or colors that just won't balance. Within this range, the subtleties of how we make sense of our lives come through. I use photography in my work as a researcher to help people tell stories; to produce their own narratives that transcend simply responding to someone else's questions. In my own work, my photographs explore things that are not obviously visible. I enjoy exploring extremes – macro images that turn tiny objects into abstract patterns and color and wide-angle images that contextualize things we see every day by exploring relationships with light and background.