One North of Boston, 100 Heard Street, Chelsea, MA 02150
"From the Ashes" One North, a new luxury apartment building, stands near the origin of the Great Fire of 1973 which destroyed 18 square blocks of this city. In its impressive lobby you'll see modern architectural design elements, including mosaic lanterns by Duffy Design Group and Artaic, and RadLabs' "Clefs Moiré" -- wooden sculpted walls inspired by the music of J. S. Bach. These are juxtaposed with 1970s-80s "man on the street" photographs by former Chelsea Record photojournalist Arnie Jarmak which document everyday Chelsea life at that time.  Also showing:  aquatic abstract paintings by Chuck Guest and portraits by Chad Edward.  Art Walk hours are June 13th & 14th, 12-6 pm.