Located in the shade of the Tobin Bridge in Chelsea Massachusetts, the Pearl Street Gallery showcases seasoned and emerging artists in every medium. Founding Member of the Chelsea Artists Collaborative CHARCOLL

Griffin Museum of Photography POP-UP!

   Three artists approach their subjects through a process of scrutiny and investigation, and help us see things we would not have seen if they had not taken the time to show us. We are enriched by their study, and sojourners with them on their quest. Read more below

Gallery hours are June 17th and 18th, 12:00 - 6:00 pm.


   Unscene – A scene that was seen, but not. The three bodies of work in this show, Unchartered Constellations, The Intimacy of Distance, and Terra Novus (New Land), all are depicting things that are there and not there at the same time.
Jane Yudelman, in Unchartered Constellations, has made space-scapes out of problematic spectral highlights that presented while photographing snow. What we get, instead, are galaxies where our imagination can go and contemplate what is and what could be.

   Greg Albertson’s series, The Intimacy of Distance, is made of ethereal landscapes taking us somewhere between earth and the moon, between here and there. In his images, made from stacked-focused shots of bark, we can go to places unknown, places we might begin to recognize from our dreams, and if we use all our senses, we might be aware of stardust echoing back our journey from places where we might have come.

   Amy Rindskopf’s series, Terra Novus (New Land), tethers us right here to Mother Earth. Her images draw us in to the plants that nurture us, the fruits that feeds us. Her landscapes undulate from the kitchen table and take us to places where we can contemplate the earth and the sun, and give thanks for the harvests that keep us strong.

Julie Williams-Krishnan •  Director of Programs at the Griffin Museum of Photography