Silvia Lopez Chavez

My work investigates our basic human need to connect with each other on multiple levels: socially, politically and culturally. I explore the intellectual, visceral and emotional narratives of joy, struggle, acceptance and assimilation as well as the change and growth that affect daily life. I have a multilayered process that combines traditional methods of drawing and painting with experimental techniques in printmaking and collage.

The work shown in this exhibit is part of my latest project, Fresh Air: Portraits of Chelsea, which explores the environmental and public health aspects within air quality issues in Chelsea. The project invited residents to participate by serving as models and sharing their story, also enabling conversations on civic engagement in our community to help Chelsea be a better place to live and work. The project was partly funded by a LCC, Massachusetts Cultural Council grant in 2013.


Silvia López Chavez has her roots in the Dominican Republic where she received her fine arts foundation and professional training in painting. She moved to Boston in 1997 and completed a BFA at the Massachusetts College of Art & Design. Silvia is a design professional and a teaching artist, leading workshops in the Massachusetts area. She has been Chelsea resident since 2008 and continues her studio art practice at the Boston Center for the Arts.