The Tobin Art Wall

The Tobin Art Wall is a public art project developed by Joe Greene, The Pearl Street Gallery and The Chelsea Art Walk. We are thrilled to have Internationally known artist and author Caleb Neelon here, donating his time and talent! You can enjoy more of Calebs beautiful work, gracing the walls of the Jordan Boys and Girls Club.

Artist and author Caleb Neelon (SONIK) began his graffiti career like anyone else, but the Cambridge, Massachusetts native took a hard right and caught a flight out of town. Deliberately ignoring the obvious global centers of New York, Los Angeles and London, Caleb painted subject matter close to his heart while making a street presence in places like Kathmandu, Sao Paulo, and Tegucigalpa. Across, around and in between five continents, indoors and out, Caleb has pulled off some unique, colorful and heartfelt work both alongside collaborators like Os Gemeos and Andrew Schoultz, as well as in streets where he is the first foreigner let alone street painter to wander in quite some time.

Caleb has painted his way around the world, find out more about him here!

Special thanks to the Chelsea Collaborative, Mass DOT, The City of Chelsea, Tom Ambrosino: Chelsea City Manager, Joe Foti: Chelsea DPW and Chelsea Floor Coverings/






New Faces and Cool Places at the 2016 Chelsea Art Walk:

   Big thanks to our new partners at Roca and April, for curating a terrific show from her " paint night " class, Tracy Nowicki, Greg Walzak and the Chelsea Senior Center for the beautiful hand-painted tiles formed into a ceramic quilt at the Apollinaire gallery and Damali Vidot for hosting a very successful and creative t shirt design competition. Jordy Brazo used his cinematic expertise to develop an Indy Film Festival for our new "Art in the Park" containers venue, Arnie Jarmak shared some of his historic press photos of Chelsea from the 1970 - 80's and the Boston Printmakers were kind enough to lend us their art. Dan Cortez really rocked the park by producing our new live music and entertainment venue and curatedChelsea High School student show at the Apollinaire. Margaret Carsley hit another home run at the garden with our favorite " Scarecrow Competition " and drumming circle, Playwright Bob Boulrice wrote another award winning original play for the Apollinaire Theatre and the Mystic Brewery hosted mixed media, paintings and photography from the Pearl Street Gallery.

The beautiful photos below of the 2016 Chelsea Art Walk are courtesy of the very talented Camila Bernal .
Watch for more of her work at the Pearl Street Gallery next month.

Did you miss our Indy Film Festival?  Watch it NOW

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The 2016 Chelsea Art Walk was our highest attended event in 8 years, and we have a lot of people to thank:

Three Cheers for our Artists!

Film Festival: JP DiSciscio, Ben Pender-Cudlip, Marinah Janello, Hannah Engelson and Jack Byers
Pearl Street Gallery: Rizza Elizabeth, Lauren Goodnow Chuck Guest Kyle Stockford Kristiina Almy Kayo Motomiya Walsh Katarina Yakimkina Harry Umen Eric Mauro Ellen Kaspern, Doc Madison, Diana Marcela Loll, Olga V. Prushinskaya, Rayjaun Pollard, Nina Vitale, Arnie Jarmak Nastasia Lawton-Sticklor, Bob Tomolillo, Pietra Isabella, Arnie Casavant, Elizabeth Colburn_Moraites, Enivo, Ron Pownall, June August, Darlene Devita, Juan Delmoral, Julian Landa, Joe Greene and Dana-Zoe Gest.
Boston Printmakers: Christiane Corcelle, Alex Gerasev, Sharon Hayes, Sandra Cardillo, Stephanie Stigliano and Tom Tomolillo.
Drumming Circles: Don Goldman and NorthEast Drummers
Community Garden: Ms. Komarow's Chelsea High Sculpture One Class, Chelsea's Jordan Boys and Girls Club Art Club
and Marianne Ramos, Margaret Lewis, and Helen Anne Keith from the Chelsea Senior Center


These folks made it all happen:

• City Manager Tom Ambrosino and the City of Chelsea
• City Treasurer and Playwright Robert Boulrice
• Chief Brian Keyes and the Chelsea Police Department
• Dan Cortez
• Jordy Brazo
• Chi Vo
• Pearl Street Gallery
• City Clerk Debbie Clayman
• Allan Alpert, Director Emergency Management
• The Apollinaire Theatre
• Mystic Brewery
• Fire Chief Leonard A Albanese and the Chelsea Fire Department
• Mike MacAteer / Chelsea ISD
• Sergio Jaramillo, President Chelsea Chamber of Commerce
• City Councilor Damali Vidot
• Joe Foti and the Chelsea Department of Public Works
• Dora Santaniello
• The Chelsea Collaborative
• Roca - April Spataro
• Chelsea Cultural Council
• Lamar Advertising
• Chelsea Community Garden
• Chelsea Chamber of Commerce
• Erik Rueda Design Lab and New England Sculpture
• Dan Adams and Marie Law

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